UPCOMING DANCE: To register for each upcoming dance, see our Home Page please, thanks.

ON FACEBOOK: There is a private Facebook group, DanceSanity. If you look it up and can’t join, you can friend Sara Zolbrod and she can invite you.

OVERVIEW: Debrae FireHawk and Sara Zolbrod started DanceSanity in spring, 2021. They hold dances about once a month, usually at a beautiful lodge in Veneta, with a smooooth wooden dance floor and a huge lawn, with speakers for inside and for outside dancing. Pre-registration is required and that’s how the address gets given out. DJ FireHawk is our “house DJ” and then once in a while we mix in other DJ’s whose music we love. DJ FireHawk is a lifelong dancer herself, and offers up “FreeDance” sets: a drum-heavy, high energy, conscious, world beat dance journey. Payment-wise, we offer a sliding scale and a few highly-subsidized spots to increase accessibility.

GUIDELINES: A good cornerstone to this conscious, safe container is the DanceSanity Guidelines, which attendees are required to agree to in the registration process. These guidelines evolve from time to time, so the registration form might have slightly updated wording sometimes:

Guidelines Agreement:

At DanceSanity, I will be respectful;

I will dance with a person only after being welcomed by them;

I will wait for my partners’ clarity and their welcome about how close I can dance with them and whether contact is welcome or not;

I will keep verbal socializing quiet when near other dancers;

I will not attend if I feel sick, got a positive COVID test, or think I have been exposed to COVID;

I will not take photos or videos nor use my cellphone inside;

I will keep my shirt-type covering on;

I understand that I may be asked to leave if I do not respect the guidelines.

You can contact Sara at (or get a message to Debrae through Sara at):

(54 one)5-one-4-2679